FAQs with iSMART

Currently, iSMART does not operate separate English language centers.

iSMART collaborates with elementary and middle schools nationwide to implement programs directly in the schools. iSMART offers online English language programs to support learning at home, which can be adjusted to fit your child's schedule.

iSMART is present in over 500 primary and secondary schools across the country.

iSMART is available in over 500 primary and secondary schools nationwide. Parents can provide their information to receive specific advice on the appropriate learning format.

With iSMART, your child will learn through the STEM approach (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), integrating smart learning systems, modern technology, and aligning with U.S. international standards. iSMART guarantees educational outcomes based on accompanying learning conditions. iSMART is quality accredited by Cognia, the world's top educational accreditation organization.

The STEM approach (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) integrated into English language learning with iSMART enables your child to quickly apply and practice English from various new perspectives. iSMART offers a diverse and rich curriculum with over 10,000 topics, allowing your child to immerse themselves in English through Math and Science, helping them develop logical and critical thinking skills from an early age.

There will be no overlap in the curriculum. The iSMART school program closely follows the curriculum of the Ministry of Education. The iTOUCH program includes additional diverse topics and content.

Furthermore, students have personalized learning paths tailored to their individual abilities.


By registering your information, you agree to allow iSMART to contact you through the following forms: call, text message, email for the purpose of consulting English programs & market research. We commit not to share your information with any third parties.