What experts and parents say about iSMART?


"In terms of teaching methods, iSmart digital lessons give teachers a tutoring tool to communicate with students through each direct situation, each lively lectures, flexiblle illustration clips illustrates and assess each lesson in time as well as students being able to get an exchange environment to interact with teachers through the practicality of each lesson. Some lessons of iSmart are different from the main program of the Ministry of Education  because key characteristics of education in Vietnam is academic while iSmart’s orientation is about broad understanding and practical instead of deep undersanding. "

Mr. Tran Duc Ngoc – Math Expert, Education and Training Committee Division, Tan Phu District, HCMC


"Except for the first few days of being at fault, the program helps teachers save many efforts in preparing lessons for the class. Students see the lessons as the small but hard games and could create their own interest for these lessons. In addition, native teachers without standard pronunciation could improve it through this program and the students have the chance to listen from the digital lessons. They can understand the lesson content through images and sound and their listening skills would be better improved. Results of their study got highly appreciated from parents and teachers than the previous year. "

Mrs. Vu Thuy Anh – English Teacher, Lieu Giai Pre-school, Hanoi

"The biggest advantage of iSmart comes from letting students live and experience the environment in English instead of only studying English. Students taught in English will be equipped with language skills, knowledge, education, cultural understanding, creative thinking ... like graduates from high-quality international schools in the world. "

Master Le Thi Thanh, Director of Academic Council, President of American Polytechnic College, HCMC

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