iSMART Middle & High School


iSMART Secondary education program is designed to 3 studying levels: Pregrade 1 - 2 - 3

Including main subjects: Mathematics, science, English, which are edited by the Edexcel secondary education textbook for the International GCSE.

The elementary level is divided by 24 units of lessons with 3 class/ lesson. Parallel teaching and compatible with Education and Training department's official program.

Lessons are completely digitalized and taught on the screen and other interact devices. Students take in lessons through English videos, images and practice directly to lessons through diverse activities during the class.

English: Trainees understand and express complicated content both specific and abstract including changing specialist knowledge about your favorite subject Able to acknowledge and write elaborately on topics,analyze pros and cons and express personal perspective on that subject Able to change and interact comfortably with foreigners in English, able to understand implication in different English communication style.

Science: Trainees aware changes in human science development, physic, biology, chemistry,... meanwhile they can question why and how were those inventions created. Trainees know how to use science regulations to evaluate and employ science and technology equipments to life. Trainees apply ideas and science theory to study, exchange knowledge and develop independent self-thinking ability.

Math: Trainees can acknowledged and use the arithmetic theory and clause to solve English math. Trainees can also analyze and elaborate basic relations of two and three dimensions definition, master of using space geometry definition.

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