iSMART Primary School


ISMART CLASS in the high school level is designed to fit in the most international developing trend and most effective teaching method. Our program’s contents are well-known as the best selection for students’ knowledge, future environment and response to English in a globalized world.

Basic Information

Subjects: Mathematics and Science are taught 100% in English -
Giving opportunities for students to apply and use English frequently. 

Teaching method: Teaching parallelly with the Educational and Training Ministry’ s program.



What you can get from the program: 

English skills: Students use 4 skills in English to deal with different situation, purposes and subjects in their life. With the knowledge they have absorbed from the programs, he students would be able to use English in communicating, evaluating and analyzing confidently and effectively. Beside, students also well-train in order to use critical thinking to debate and protect their opinions. 

Science: Scientific, economic and and environmental topics can easily amuse students. The programs trasfer knowledge by encourage students to do research, analyze and evaluate things by their own under a scientific aspect.  Consequently students slowly form self-studying mindset and curiousness  to challege themselves. Moreover, the content of this program are daily updated new information about technic invention and scientific researchs so as to make sure the students are well-prepared to adapt the real world’s trend and development.

Mathematics: Completing ISmart Mathematical Program, students are guaranteed to be well- qualified at building logical methods and analyzing scientifically which are core skills in Math. Especially students are trained to learn from observing and practice measuring to conject and experiment all the rules and hypothesis. ISmart Mathematical Program not only advance students’ critical thinking and brainstorming skills but also encourage them to get used to valuable theories during the humanity development process.

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