In Vietnam, iSMART Education is the official represent operating education program and Edexcel international examination.

iSMART education co-operates with Edexcel examination England to provide examination services of secondary education degree and foreign language which is provided by Edexcel examination England. Including: Edexcel International Primary Award, Edexcel International Lower Secondary Award, Edexcel International Diploma, Edexcel IGCSE, Edexcel International A-Levels with the certificates, academic degrees and trustworthy skills.

Organizing Edexcel international secondary education examination in Vietnam will open chances for Vietnamese student approaching, using and receiving benefits from examination service as international standard, meanwhile can contribute to carrying out national foreign language project.

Edexcel international secondary education certificates path:


Recommended certificate

5 -11

Primary International Award or CBSE International Certificate at the year end.

11 - 14

Edexcel International Lower Secondary Award or CBSE International Certificate at the year end.


International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

16 -19

Edexcel A level that can be used to resign in prestigious universities in England and the world.

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