iSMART Pre-School


iSMART preschool program is designed into 3 levels:  Pregrade 1 - 2 - 3

Including 4 subjects:Mathematics,Science,Gerneral Knowlegde and English. With two main subjects: Mathematics and Science, after the edited International GCSE textbook of Edexcel for International High school education. Preschool will be divided into 24 unit of lessons with 135 minutes / lesson .

Lessons are completely digitalized and taught on projector combining with interact device. Students absorb lesson through English videos and images lecture and practically practice interact with lessons through diversity operated activities  


Foreign language (English):  Students are familiar with basic comprehend skills and confidently communicate by english through basic topics: Introduction, colour, animals, fruit & tree.

Math: Surrounding the understanding and acknowledgement of the number, geometry and common size. Students must always practice developing their mind and reaction in each lesson in order to increasing underlying skills about knowing number, geometry as well as basic calculating methods instead of passive theory learning.    

Science:  Students shall observe , and research about objects, normal phenomenons in daily life. Moreover, the program also build students’s scruntiny, curiosity and discovery the world around them.

Self developing: create a desired studying habitat for students, confident in communicating and discovering the outdoor.

Outcome goal:

  • Developing basic thinking skills for students.
  • Introducing, training reaction skill based on English foudation.
  • Building neccessary knowledge about the out side world for students.
  • Creating English vocabulary foudation for the srudent since they are little. Through that, we pushing the exactly, rapidly, pronunciation and also in order to evolving first simple foudation of English, get familliar with general science and best prepares knowledge and skills for Elementary school.
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