A program designed to provide English teaching through Maths and Science – iSMART. A far cry from normal conversational English, iSMART goes further by applying the C.L.I.L method (Content and Language Integrated Learning) through 2 main subjects which are Maths and Science. This helps students easily absorb the language and apply it directly to the subjects in the classroom, thus improving their English proficiency.

compared to other existing English teaching programs

Apply cutting edge technologies to teaching

Smart multi-point interactive whiteboard, NAO Robot, iTO platform, Lisa, etc. are used to engage students in learning.

Certified iSMART iDIGI Lessons

Sao Khue Award 2020 and Accreditation standards of the Institute for Education Research of Ho Chi Minh City University of Education

Certified iSMART iDIGI Lessons

Sao Khue Award 2020 and Accreditation standards of the Institute for Education Research of Ho Chi Minh City University of Education

A team of world-class teachers

A team of dedicated, experienced and internationally certified teachers.

Extracurricular activities to develop 21st century thinking and learning skills

Extracurricular activities, competitions and large-scale contests in English, Maths and Science such as English Champion, Australian Mathematics Competition, English Day, Scientists Squad, and so on..

Academic results are based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR)

The outcome standard of the secondary school program is equivalent to Certificate A2 under the European Framework of Reference for Languages

Learn at school with the same quality as at a language center

An interactive classroom environment that integrates smart technology and a wide variety of practical activities creates opportunities to develop fluent English skills

Save time and money

Parents do not have to spend time to dropping off and collecting their children while the costs are only one-sixth comparing to English language centers.


The application of advanced teaching methods

The methods applied include Immersion Language Learning, Flipped Class, Student-Centered, etc.

International standard lecture system

100% of learning content is digitized with rich and vivid illustrations to excite students

Specialized function classrooms

Dynamic learning space, fully equipped with interactive smart learning devices

Engaging experimental classes

These classes, which encourage creativity, are conducive to exploring new things and create excitement in learning English. They enable students to easily absorb knowledge about science and the environment.

Abundant extra-curricular activities

Extracurricular activities are designed to be diverse, rich and flexible in order to help kids to learn and develop comprehensively in terms of both physical and intellectual strength as well as life skills

Online Semester Test

We pioneer in online learning and testing methods and enable students to adopt and master online learning capabilities in the ear of Industry 4.0


Over 80,000 primary and junior secondary school students in more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide have been performing well in their iSMART program

Students’ English proficiency has gradually improved thanks to the English teaching through Maths and Science

Students have also had their proactive thinking and creativity enhanced through the program’s reality-based activities and themes

Do you want your kid’s English to develop comprehensively?

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iSMART Education provides an English language teaching program via Maths and Science with a learning path spanning from primary to high school level

chuong trinh iSMART cap 1

iSMART for primary level

We focus on developing students’ English ability in all 4 skills. The thinking and project-based approaches are designed to offer students interesting learning experiences while allowing them to use English in various contexts

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Chương trình iSMART Trung học cơ sở

iSMART for secondary level

Develop language competence as well as other necessary skills to become global citizens and better prepare students for national and international English language contests

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Chương trình iSMART Trung học phổ thông

iSMART for high school level

Acquire an excellent command of English and the skills of global citizens; confidently conquer international contests

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