• Become the pioneering group leading the digital transformation of Vietnam’s education sector.
  • Three million students using iSMART programs and solutions by 2025.


  • Contribute to making English a second language in Vietnam.
  • Digitally transform the education sector.
  • Cultivate a proactive mindset in teaching and learning.


  • Learning: we always encourage all people in iSMART to develop knowledge and competence because we believe that constant learning elevates an individual as a worker and as a person, it opens opportunities for the establishment to transform continuously for the better.
  • Excellence: we desire to create organizational capacity and a structure that empowers, focuses and engages employees, equip our teams with the right mindset and skills necessary to focus on creating the desired results.
  • Action: we highly appreciate all members performing actions rather than keeping things on a planning paper. The suggestions and ideas from employees are welcoming and are given opportunities to try.
  • Dedication: we do not give up and see through whatever we start. Whenever we see problems, we will look for solutions.
  • Scalability: we aim to provide the qualified educational product and solutions to massive Vietnamese students and teacher.

About iSMART Education

iSMART Education is one of the leading educational institutions in Vietnam whose mission is to train young Vietnamese to become global citizens. By doing this, we enable Vietnam’s global citizens to easily integrate into international environments and contribute to making the world a better place.

Founded in 2013, iSMART Education is one of the members of the EQuest Education Group (EQuest Education Group), formerly known as the Institution of American Education (IAE) – an organization known for owning the leading educational institutions in Vietnam such as VATC, Viet My College, and so on.

For eight years of our establishment, iSMART Education has become a leader in bringing world-class educational solutions and technologies to Vietnamese people. We achieve this by adopting modern educational methodology, interactive technology, and digitized curricula to improve English proficiency for Vietnamese students.

iSMART Education is one of the pioneers in teaching English through Mathematics and Science in primary and secondary schools across Vietnam. Applying technologies to education, the iSMART program operates the iDIGI digital lessons that have been officially accredited by:

  • The Sao Khue Award 2020 for an outstanding tech product in Education and Training.
  • The recognition as the first and only digital lecture program that meets the accreditation standards of the Institute for Education Research of the Ho Chi Minh University of Education

Pioneering in the application of technology and teaching methodology in the 21st century, iSMART Education comes up with innovative solutions to equip Vietnamese students with the best quality academic programs and materials:

An English teaching program via Maths and Science

  • iSMART Class: An English teaching program via Maths and Science
  • iSMART iDIGI: iDIGI digital lessons
  • An online testing system
  • iSMART Online: iTO – iSMART Tutoring Online/Live Class – an online iSMART English class/ Virtual Class – A flexible online English class

The learning path we offer spans all levels from primary to high school and is delivered by a team of dedicated, experienced and highly qualified teachers from English-speaking countries. Therefore, schools and parents can rest assured when students participating in the iSMART program, students will have the opportunity to become global citizens who are well-equipped to enter the real world and shine in various domains.

  • Students will practice English skills for international integration
  • Students can communicate in English like a native speaker
  • They will develop in terms of both language and logical thinking.
  • They are well-equipped to participate in national and international  English competitions
  • We also provide a wide range of exciting extracurricular activities.

8 years after we came into being, the iSMART program is currently being implemented in more than 400 primary and secondary schools with over 80,000 students across the country.

Backed by strong focus on training quality as well as proven experience and success, iSMART Education is committed to constantly making efforts to research, innovate and improve training quality and work more closely with prestigious partners to make English a second language and empower Vietnamese students on their path to becoming global citizens.