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Pearson Education is the world’s top education company, specialize in designing programs, educational documentaries and technology in teaching-learning; organize major ability and English ability. Pearson also owns and train several High school, university and graduated educational programs.

Pearson company takes over than 60% of North American market, and has represents over 70 countries all over the world, with a massive number of representative offices on entire Europe, Asian and South American.

Pearson education’s products (typical as  Addison–Wesley, BBC Active, eCollege, Longman, MyEnglishLab, Penguin Readers, Prentice Hall, Poptropica, Financial Times…) are globally used by all ages and education levels. The number of trainees joining Pearson education’s training program increases every year is always higher than any private educational company.

iSMART Education is Pearson exclusive partner in deploying digital technology lessons in vietnam and other countries.

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