Strong points


Lessons are designed clearly, carefully, understand and always follow topics: Program topics are always selected carefully, insure the scientific and appropriate with student’s thinking. Topics are opened and developed with different levels at each classes.

The etching system is connected and scientific: The iSMART number lessons are designed thorough preschool to high school allowing students to study connected and scientific topics; insuring the harmony development and sensible listening, speaking, reading and writing skill.

Higher apply and flexibility in each provinces: ISMART digital lessons allow teacher to fix, arrange and optimize the textbook in order to meet the demand of each province. There are also the data resource which is used to insure the quality of each area.

“Immerse" studying in stimulating reality environment instead of passive learning: ISMART solution allows student to build their own vocabulary and communication skill by simulating experience of an iSMART  does not depend on the quality of Internet connection.

In terms of technology, compared with online English teaching programs, on-the-internet training programs face some common drawbacks such as slow processing speed, resulting in a program being designed to be simple as well as the use of images, materials and 2D or 3D lectures being significantly limited. Meanwhile, iSmart uses servers which are installed at the school.

This helps program’s graphics image quality be very high, greater interoperability and high stability.

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