Chương Trình Học Ismart

iSMART Primary School

ISMART CLASS in the high school level is designed to fit in the most international developing trend and most effective teaching method. Our program’s contents are well-known as the best selection for students’ knowledge, future environment and response to English in a globalized world.

Basic Information

Subjects: Mathematics and Science are taught 100% in English -
Giving opportunities for students to apply and use English frequently. 

Teaching method: Teaching parallelly with the Educational and Training Ministry’ s program.

iSMART Middle & High School

iSMART Secondary education program is designed to 3 studying levels: Pregrade 1 - 2 - 3

Including main subjects: Mathematics, science, English, which are edited by the Edexcel secondary education textbook for the International GCSE.

The elementary level is divided by 24 units of lessons with 3 class/ lesson. Parallel teaching and compatible with Education and Training department's official program.

Bài giảng mẫu

Công nghệ bài giảng mô phỏng thực tế, đem đến trải nghiệm chân thật, sống động. Hoạt động thí nghiệm thực hành với "phòng thí nghiệm ảo" hấp dẫn học sinh & giúp các em ghi nhớ kiến thức.

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