Benefits of the program


The most important result of the program students will gain iSMART Class is English proficiency in all 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Not only that, apart from language proficiency, students are equipped with scientific knowledge, cultural understanding, creative thinking... like graduating from high quality international schools.

Interactive board technology, has been helping students learn knowledge has been encouraging the development of proactive, confident, creative participation lectures and get acquainted with modern technology products.

International standard curriculum to ensure students have the ability to participate in the exams to achieve international certification as CBSE, IB, IGCSE. At that time, they can actively choose to study or forward the international schools in Vietnam.


To students and parents:

The greatest achievement is the student’s improvement in English totally and successfully.

Studying in an absolutely English environment, students have the opportunity to get used to English as soon as possible by taking well-qualified English program in every subjects. Their reaction to English in communicating comes naturally as a native speaker.

After completing grade 5, students can speak English fluently as international primary school students.

Students also receive International certificate which are IGCSE and CBSE after finishing the program.

Especially with an affordable studying fee, most Vietnamese students are auspiciously aproach international lessons, professional studying environment as other developed countries worldwide. With the lowest cost compare to other international programs in Vietnam .

To iSMART lectures:

Applying high-tech equipments entirely in teaching helps lecturers prepare lessons, design class activities and evaluate students’ studying results more precise. Futhermore lecturers can advance and improve their major knowledge follow global standards.

On the other hand, applying high-tech equipments brings a great positive effect to catch students’ attention and make students engage in class activities productively. 

In addition, teaching lessons which are dubbed with native speaker’s English helps lecturers standardize their pronunciation to be more precise .

Alikely, their major skills and knowledge are qualified and improved efficiently with our programs.

Having our reputation certified by our partners such as Pearson, CBSE and Edexcel gives us more opportunities to gain great concern from parents and students nationally.

In term of infrastructure, iSmart guarantees to have fully equipments as modern as devices in other developed countries in the world.

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